Can I Become A Freemason?

In order to become a freemason you must fulfil two basic criteria:

1. A belief in a ’Supreme Being’.  

   Freemasonry is, at a fundamental level, about learning more about yourself, and growing to become an upright and moral free agent in society.  A belief in a ’God’  is necessary because without a concept of a moral framework external to oneself, morality could be defined by what an individual thinks is right - something which is eminently mutable, and can change according to circumstance and external pressure or whim.   We want people who will be able to reflect about right and wrong against a valid yardstick, and who believe that their actions are subject to oversight by something much bigger than themselves. Daybrook Lodge presently has members drawn from the Christian (Anglican and Catholic traditions), Jewish and Islamic faiths.  Freemasonry is not a religion and does not seek to supplant these faiths, but instead support its members to be better people.

2.  A Moral and Upright Character

    You must not have a criminal record, and must be a decent person.  We do not want members who will seek to use Freemaonsry as a vessel for monetary advantage or self grandisement.  You will meet many people, in all walks of life, all of whom will deal with you honestly and fairly as equals.  We do not want anyone who might seek to take advantage of their good nature for their own advantage.

Daybrook lodge is a male only lodge, but freemasonry is, by no means, ’male only’.  There are a number of social events held throughout the year to which partners and friends of both sexes are actively encouraged.  If, however, you are female and interested in becoming a freemason yourself, more information can be found by by contacting the Order of Women Freemasons.